Episode 11
Setting Realistic Goals and Expectations for Your Launch

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Do you struggle with setting realistic goals and expectations for your upcoming launch? In today’s episode, we tackle the crucial topic of setting realistic goals and expectations for your launch.

I discuss the common pitfalls of first-time launchers, often stemming from unrealistic expectations set by industry gurus. Revenue is important, but it’s also necessary to look beyond just revenue and focus on other important factors such as your launch level, audience size, and engagement in order to set the right goals for your business. 

By aligning revenue goals with audience metrics, tracking key performance indicators, and focusing on email list growth and visibility, you can enhance your launch success.

In this episode I cover:

  • Determining your launch level
  • The importance of tracking metrics and making data-driven decisions
  • Email list growth and visibility as essential part of a successful launch
  • How a debrief can set you up for an even more successful next launch



Those with successful launches know that tracking the right numbers are key to maximizing a launch and an opportunity to adjust things quickly in ways that can help you create more success during your current launch. Grab the launch metrics guide here: https://www.mckenzieglenetske.com/launch-metrics-guide/

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