Episode 5
Podcast Guesting Series: Get noticed, get booked, and grow your audience

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If you’ve been trying to land guest spots, but aren’t making progress, this episode is for you! In the final episode in this 3 part podcast guesting series, we discuss the key elements for a standout one sheet, the importance of follow-ups, and how to convert listeners into leads. From choosing the perfect headshot to crafting interview questions, we dive into the details that matter when pitching yourself as a podcast guest.

We discuss the importance of a good first impression with details on crafting a compelling one sheet, focusing on the follow-up to secure guest spots, and converting podcast listeners into leads with effective preparation, a singular call to action, and careful tracking of traffic.

Topics covered in this episode:

  • Finding your cadence and getting creative in your outreach
  • Key Items to Include in a Profitable One Sheet
  • What hosts are looking for in potential guests



Want to learn how to convert listeners into leads? Grab the framework here: https://www.mckenzieglenetske.com/l2l-framework