Episode 10
5 Actionable Strategies to Maximize Your Next Launch

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Are you seeing a slump in your launch numbers? Or maybe you’re getting ready for your first launch and want to know what’s working now? In this episode of The Launch Scene, I discuss the 5 essential strategies that I’m seeing now in successful launches. From personal outreach to the power of paid workshops, discover how to boost visibility, engage with your audience, and leverage data for better results.

In this episode, I cover:

  • The evolving landscape of launches
  • Personal outreach for connections
  • The power of pre-launch visibility
  • Leveraging data for better decisions


Those with successful launches know that tracking the right numbers are key to maximizing a launch and an opportunity to adjust things quickly in ways that can help you create more success during your current launch. Grab the launch metrics guide here: https://www.mckenzieglenetske.com/launch-metrics-guide/

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